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Giussani Research offers everyone the opportunity to listen to his loudspeakers of DELTA Series, in your own environment with your own music and your system, at least for two weeks and starting paying just 20 euros per day.
The loudspeakers systems will be conveniently delivered to the address indicated at the time of rental payment and the completion date will be collected WITHOUT ANY SHIPPING FEE AND WITHOUT ANY PURCHASE OBLIGATION.
Ended the rental period you will have only to repack the loudspeakers and wait for the courier who will come to pick them up.
Throughout the rental period Giussani Research staff will be always available for any kind of advice on the optimization of your hi-fi system via the Internet or telephone.
For rentals longer than 7 days in Italy, if requested, there will be the installation of the system by the Giussani Research staff with relative measuring of your system.


GR Delta Serie

GR Delta Serie

For informations, details or to tell us the model and the exact period you want our loudspeakers for you, just use our contact form.

Two weeks: 280 euros – VAT and shipping included.
One month: 500 euros – VAT and shipping included.
For extra EU shipping contact us.