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GR Delta Serie

GR Delta Serie

Bebo Moroni (VIDEOHIFI) about NPS-1000:

“A huge and complex system made ​​ingeniously simple and ambientabile. Designed by the great Renato Giussani, designed by the teacher who is Gianmaria Lojodice, NPS 1000 is the Italian answer to the super-systems in the U.S.. A response incredibilmnte convincing. SOUND Grand Prix 1994 winner.

The well-known record Lincetto Marco (Velut Moon) after listening to the GR Delta 4 R9:

“… Take this opportunity to speak my mind on these speakers, finally heard, briefly, but with great attention and concentration, the Roma Hi-End, primarily using two of my master that I know better than myself.

I want to write these few lines, because I think Giussani one of the few people who has left his mark in this sector over the last 40 years at least.

In the first 30 seconds of listening to this speaker I immediately realized that everything was in its place: I had no problems to find all the references of two records that, in fact, I know “more than very well.”

And all in a room that, probably on purpose, reproducing a domestic environment very normal, usual, or the environment where these speakers will be heard.

A heartfelt “Thank you!” To Renato Giussani.

Marco Lincetto … “

Angelo Jasparro (Audio Review):

“Here we are stepping on the handset keys to tell the sensations experienced during a good month or so in the company of creatures Giussani …
Nuff said and talk about these speakers.
The idea to mount all these speakers on a panel extremely narrow is to avoid the influence on the dispersion characteristics of the sound transducers, in order to achieve a more correct drawing of the sound image and avoid the loca ¬ tion of the speakers. We suffered ¬ to advance that the desired effect has been achieved in full.
Are immediately struck by a mid-range “enchantress”, which I have pre-listening rather than the analysis of the sound. I would also check the performance at low frequencies via ii CD “Syria” by Antonio Placer (Harmonia Mundi). The double bass is rightly deep, warm, clear and pleasant to listen to. The tenor is certainly Placer vi ¬ china idea that I made of how the original …
On the contrary … my reference speakers, which tend to represent a scene rather low, as if you listen to the orchestra in the “pit” (which will solve short lifting them from the ground), with these Giussani height is well developed and you’ll be sitting by force in the first rows of the theater, while the musicians perform on stage ¬ scenic …
… You will have noticed that, contrary ¬ mind as written in the instruction manual of these speakers, I’ve never used the overused expression “medium by electrostatic.” The reason is that there is the main defect of the sound of electrostatic membrane: the lack of physicality in the reproduction of vocals, drums, and anything that passes by the panels …
Further confirmation of the cre … ¬ contestability of the provision of these GR comes from hearing Vinyl Pablo Re ¬ cords “The Gifted Ones”, where Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie duet with bass and drums. The na-turalezza of the plates of the battery is almost disarming. Piano and trumpet, of course, offer a sight to annotate …
Passed with flying colors … also exam-violin, on the notes of N. With some ¬ 2 “La Campanella” by Paganini (DG), which sees solo Salvatore Accardo. The instrument is well balanced and vole like to follow …
The London Philharmonic Orchestra … ¬ governed by Dutoit occupies a large space and not limited by the speakers, with instru ¬ ments at the right height. This latter feature will definitely regret that the more after the restart of these speakers for their home. Maybe it’s just a suggestion but I think that the perception ¬ pire violin soloist and ranked higher than other orchestral strings, just as if his Accardo-pots standing … “

Ivano B. (aka Stentor – Bit Audio World Admin):

“Giussani Research & McIntosh!
Friday I was a guest of a friend and I enjoyed this spectacular setup:
Workstation Bit4Sound, Preaamplificatore McIntosh C50, McIntosh MC601 mono Finals (600 watts!) And Giussani Research Delta R9 MKII
In a word … a show. A few speakers RD I heard sounds perfectly so well. It is not a sound to be jocks but damn concrete: the tone is natural and dynamic imperious. I do not think you can attribute a favorite kind of music (attribution, however, I have always found that nonsense since I consider myself rather a limit of one speaker that characterization): whatever I gave him in the digested meal quietly.
Speaking our Roby remotely put his songs kills woofer with dynamic jumps awesome …. in moments of calm McIntosh erogavano less than 6 watts and then suddenly go to full scale (600 watts) of power and the lights come on guard …. a speaker without the balls we would have shot the woofers in the face or at least would have distorted the Delta brutally but no …. digested with ease the enormous power of undistorted McIntosh.

In a home-listening I believe that the Delta are excellent …. but … exaggerated! And all this with a perfect balance.

Congratulations to Renato Giussani for his creatures: for me are promoted with flying colors. “

The first purchaser, owner of the pair of GR Delta 4 R9, Alberto Avenoso:

“I allowed myself about three to four hours of listening depth of my system which includes the speakers as Giussani Research Delta 4 R9 …
Rather large listening room of about 6 x 10 m x 2.55 furnished with carpets, library paneling, sofas, various furnishings etc. …
I was alone in the house and I unleashed.
Listen to practically realistic volumes of many fine recordings of classic timeless pieces, mostly for piano or organ and large orchestra.
What about … The first word that comes to mind is AWESOME.
Yes I was really impressed.
The GR constitute a speaker system TOP, that excites.
Dynamic, sustained crushing power with no distortion, very deep bass (the organ has literally shaking the house, and were very impressive special effects Telarc and pianos), transparency, tiny details (breaths and explanations of items, also quite annoying, never heard before in my live concerts) and, above all, realism (the piano, I repeat, has, literally, incredible), no gap between the frequency ranges covered by the four transducers … “

Another audiophile who has just received its GR Delta 4 R9:

“I put on the first thing that comes to my mind: love theme from the movie” Cinema Paradiso “sung (in Portuguese) by Dulce Pontes and based on” Focus “(Universal, 2003). The voice comes out as a clear and hovered in the air, fresh and vibrant. But above all, does not seem to “come” from the speakers. It ‘s what I want, that it is there, in the room, in a virtual stage in front of me, not that it comes from an object more or less beautiful (but the Delta are aesthetically very beautiful!). The great “lightness” and transparency of the items is confirmed by me “Can not Help Lovin ‘Dat Man” (from the musical “Show Boat” by the great Jerome Kern, EMI, 1988) where the character Julie (Teresa Stratas) join choir in the household, in a crescendo enthralling and charming. Nell ‘”Overture” of the same work, the execution of the London Sinfonietta conducted by McGlinn reveals all its plot harmonious, with bows warm and enveloping, banjo perfect for sharpness and color, the horns well set out and powerful. But it is above the sound stage is amazing for its consistency and “independence” from the “physicality” of the speakers …
Another voice is that of Lonette McKee, who sings “Bill”, also from “Show Boat”, this time directed by Harold Prince Canadian edition (LIVENT, 1994). Many consider it the most beautiful in absolute interpretation of this beautiful song. I am familiar with this track on the CD, I’ve heard countless times, the tone of voice of the warm and robust McKee has always fascinated me, but that I am always impressed: I’ve never felt so present, so clean, so real. I approach the speaker on the left and I move in front of it: does not really seem to be a piece of furniture to emit the sound, but the singer in the flesh! The height of the speakers and their placement in the interior of the unit of medium-high turn out to be really strategic: the feeling is very similar to that which occurs when a small local happen to pass in front of who’s singing …

I want to Oscar Peterson, one of the jazz musicians that I love most. I look at the date of the recording of “We Get Requests” (Verve, cd no date): 1965. It ‘s amazing how he can play so well incision than 45 years ago! Yet it is so Delta and know how to behave: I limit myself to just one song, “You Look Good To Me”, but it is more than enough to confirm an absolutely first-class piano, double bass “pushes” at the bottom with a naturally without equal, the dishes that seem to “breathe.” And, once again, the “separateness” of the individual instruments, with that “empty” natural around each of them, which is a necessary condition because it leads to a unified and coherent sonic texture. “

Francesco Saitta:

“First impression: the aesthetic is even better than in the picture, very beautiful and very well finished (but that big in my small listening room does not go unnoticed).
I am looking for some disc that can move decisively membranes of the woofer and pull out of MJ Thriller and Fat of the Land by The Prodigy (yes I also have this in my club but I like to expand in all genres of music).
Already on the notes of the late Michael supercompresse known something “weird” not the super low rumble in my small room and come out but instead decided well defined (see look what that demon of Renato was right not to worry about the size of the woofer of the D4 R9, which if not properly sized case from saturation problems even in the smallest) …
After dinner I begin to raise the standard of the disks (Steely Dan Gaucho SACD) and Tuscan + acronyms malt I prepare to listen to “serious.”

I turn up the volume … and by golly Giussani!

The music “fills” literally the room, all the instruments of surgical precision friends Donald and Walter have 3D effect and an amazing presence, so much so that I am reminded of the endless listening sessions made ​​in his youth in rehearsal rooms where the band played my classmate.

The D4 R9, without any need to travel, though impressive in their size, there are not! The sound stage is thoroughly disposed in the front wall that materializes with a considerable thickness.

The definition is remarkable and balance with which proposals are all audio frequencies it is equally important and highlights as I had never heard the benefits of SACD.

I now turn to something less structured and more “harmonious”: Sara K. Tell me I’m not dreamin ‘… the beautiful folk singer sings only for me directly sitting with his guitar in my room and I want to turn off the light to make the dream more real. “

Stefano Correnti:

“The GR Delta 4 R9 proved to be the true champion with a considerable extension both to the low notes that towards the top of the spectrum …
The intersection between the various components is imperceptible, they look like large electrostatic …
The panel that contains the units of the upper air is of limited width and allows to have the great advantage as the small speakers to “disappear” …
The voices both male and female are very “real” at the same time having a high degree of neutrality and pleasure …
The dynamics is driven by exuberant even if “only” 150 watts of my Gryphon Antileon Signature (I remember that my room is about 40 m2 and is quite absorbent) the micro-dynamics and the steps more minutes on the media are well highlighted …
Digest all kinds of music without getting upset with the big orchestra or pop-rock bad …
significant with jazz, with live discs recorded as it should you carry in the environment where the recording was made …
Not at all critical in coupling into my house moves towards the rear wall and side walls leads to a modest increase in low frequencies …
Another positive aspect that you have a large listening window that varies little moving from the center of the summit and also by varying the proportion ears changes are minimal. “

Stefano Giombini:

“.. We come to GR Delta 4 R9. Let’s say you have heard them several times and I’ve come to know them. The beauty of the items is the thing that most impresses me more than the ease of re-create the sound stage is wide and well proportioned in height and depth.
Then with Pink Floyd bass boost moves and the comments received was not just me.
Finally I like more blankets, are much more fascinating.”

Roberto Vivan Acoustical Concept Room:

I would have much to say, but I will focus only on one factor which in my opinion is the most important. So, if it is true that we are complex beings, consisting of several parts which are the biocellular physical, so the body and then by the spirit, mind and soul and at the same time we do not have consciousness, well… the front seat listening to GR Delta 4 R9 after a few minutes I begin to relate with these parts. Dialogue with them and magically come to mind ideas, projects, and especially do I feel good, all my parts are divided and then reunited and while my body becoming aware, the experience is unprecedented. What happens is similar to a spiritual elevation.
I’m not kidding, the concept is an extreme but real.
I work in psychoacoustics and always I invite you to try. We are beings vibrators and the sound is vibration, between us and him there is a connection, and when you find it all becomes poetry.
You need two essential things: the right and proper sound and Delta 4 R9.
And I recommend … Lots of concentration and will. Turn on, sit down, clear your mind, and get ready and a trip that you will never be able to do without it. Thanks Giussani.
These speakers sound beautifully even if not supplied with the proper instrumentation. Psychoacoustics I remind you that it is not subjective, but objective and does not show the sound as we like, but only how it makes us feel good.”