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Giussani-Research - Delta 4 R7

Delta 4 R7


Delta 4 R7

Delta 4 R7

Delta 4 R7 loudspeaker system was born out by Giussani’s Research experience gained with maximum level floor standing systems design, and were thought to specifically match the acoustic properties of normal living environments, of reduced area.
This specific design has allowed us to contain the width of the system to less of 12”, for easy installation in every room.
Further, a three way formula was optimized capable of containing the total height to less than 53”, enhancing the elegance of the design.
The equilibrium of the system proportions can be seen in great evidence , in this model, by its particular curved profile that distinguish all the floor standing Delta systems. An elegant envelope that contains absolute level transducers, acoustic resonance free and able to reproduce realistic levels down to the low-end of best and most extended musical signals.
The vertical distribution of the Delta 4 R7 transducers offer a vertical dimension that is unheard of using traditional systems.
The sound of the most compact vertical Delta system has been optimized using as reference the Delta 4 R9, with which the Delta 4 R7 share the same ¾” soft dome tweeter. Also with this model the placing of midrange and tweeter on an internally reduced baffle, creates a realistic experience of reproduction of original information retrieval on the reproduced acoustic scene.
This level of performance allows the system to almost disappear during listening, leaving the music to freely express all its emotions.
The loading of Delta 4 R7 is very easy due to their 8 ohm nominal impedance and the 87 dB/2,83 Volt sentitivity, together with a maximum power handling up to 250 watt.
The specification given to the Delta 4 R7 allows the ability to reproduce the whole dynamics of the best music programs, in liquid format too, offering the possibility to reach up to 113 dB spl of peak level in listening rooms up to 400 sq ft.
A 30° orienting of the systems toward the inside of the listening area is suggested to give to many listeners the possibility to enjoy the same NPS natural virtual scene.
As for all the Giussani Research systems, Delta 4 R7 are also equipped with 24 kt gold plated connectors for bi-wiring and bi-amping, while the crossover network uses only non electrolityc capacitors to reach an extremely long time performance invariance that can easily reach much more than 30 years life.


Delta 4 R7
Delta 4 R7
Delta 4 R7

You can download the PDF (IT Version)

Delta 4 R7 technical specifications


Floor standing




1 high excursion GR woofer Ø 8″ rubber surround,
1 planar midrange push-pull neodymium,
1 soft-dome tweeter Ø 3/4″


Linkwitz-Riley/GR (electrolytic capacitors free)

Woofer loading

Acoustic Suspension


87 db SPL standard listening conditions

Nominal Impedance

8 Ohm

Amplifier maximum suggested power

50÷250 watt RMS (no clipping) bi-amping




11.5 W x 53 H x 14 D in


48.5 lb

Suggested listening distance

>= 7 ft

Rear wall Min/Max distance

Min = 4 in / Max = according to listening room acoustics