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Giussani-Research | DDELS©



The exclusive DDELS© loding system of the Delta Butterfly One.
The DDELS (Dual Drive Extended Loading System) at low frequencies provides two different woofers working in the same loading volume VB.


The two drivers have different masses MMS and when mounted in the same volume will have two different resonant frequencies.
The lighter A transducer has higher FCA and F3A and a lower QTCA.
The heavier B transducer has a lower emission level on its pass-band except that around the frequency FCB and below the same.
The emissions of the two drivers sum obtain an overall response level equal to that of the lighter driver for frequencies higher than FCA but at FCA and lower frequencies the level increases thanks to the contribution of the B driver, that allows a greater extension of the overall frequency response towards lower frequency values with a smaller excursion of both the drivers.


Thanks also to the use of an appropriate filter that limits the medium frequencies emission of the B transducer, it’s possible to avoid any negative influence and phenomena between the two drivers emissions, that might cause a deterioration of dispersion and comb filtering effects.


In conclusion, the GR DDELS loading system, using two different woofers appropriately modified in an unique loading volume VB make it possible to obtain a better transient response, a wider reproduced audio range and a greater dynamic performance with respect to the use of a single woofer having an equivalent low end frequency response.



Green: woofer A – Blue: woofer B – Cyan: overall response