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NPS-1000 Insignis


GR NPS-1000 Insignis

GR NPS-1000 Insignis

The distinctive peculiarity of the GR NPS-1000 Insignis system is the unique capacity to recreate, in large enough listening rooms, the complete dynamic range and the acoustic scene dimension typical of a live performance, as with single performer recordings as with large orchestral.
In use the perfect vertical auto-dimensioning effect of the GR NPS-1000 Insignis is one of the best results of the NPS philosophy.


In addition to representing the maximum in NPS philosophy expression, the GR NPS-1000 Insignis have been designed to minimize, and in some case virtually eliminate, the effects of large group transduction problems that are often neglected or, at least, never taken in account together in a single project.


This is a partial and brief list:
– The internal standing waves cannot arise due to the cabinet trapezoidal section and the presence of many elements able to break the wave fronts and also the presence of a good quantity of well placed acoustic absorbent material. In addition to that, any cabinet module is less than 40” high cancelling the possibility of standing waves and internal rumble.
– The cabinet vibrations and strain are absolutely minimized thanks to their irregular shape and remarkable thickness adopted, together with the nature of the materials and the presence of many elements that connect rigidly the front and rear panels in many key points.
– The load presented to the amplifier is very easy. The GR NPS-1000 systems have 8 ohm nominal impedance, but a value for the large part of the audio frequency spectrum is higher than 10 ohms. The phase angle rotation of the impedance is very small.
– Due to the impedance characteristics, the interaction with the connecting cables are so low that the signal that reach the systems is ever the same as that at the amplifier output connectors.
– The sensitivity to the environment acoustics is minimal thanks to the particular and complete NPS emission.
– The standing waves region sound field is well balanced and regularized by the 6 woofer room positions displacement.
– The reflections on the lateral walls are minimized by the 30° orientation of the mid-high emission toward the inside of the listening area, so decided as to implement Horizontal NPS emission.
– The edge diffraction at the horizontal limits of the front panel is minimal due to the rounded shape of the protective cloth’s frames. In this way the perspective and dimensional perceptions are related only to the registered signal and not to geometric characteristics of the cabinet itself.
– The interference between direct sound field and front waves reflected by the floor and the ceiling are taken into account to enlarge the height of the recreated low-frequencies acustic scene.
– The tonal and perspective variations for every ears different height to that of a seated listener have been minimized by careful distribution of the six frequency bands and the vertical emission lobes at the crossover frequencies.
– The Wall deep is minimized by the lateral positioning of all the woofers.
– The intrusion of the GR NPS-1000 Insignis systems in the domestic environment is much lower than that of traditional systems of similar dynamic and acoustic scene dimensions capacity.
– The usual dynamics limitation of hi-fi systems in comparison with the live experience are far exceeded thanks to an 86 dB/2,83 V sensitivity with a maximum input power that reaches 1.000 W/channel.
– The NPS-1000 Insignis harmonic and intermodulation distorsions figure is minimal due to the enormous total emitting surfaces (that require very limited excursions to deliver high acoustic levels) and to the splitting of the audio signal into six different ways.


The cabinets finish (natural wood or laquer) is a customer choice.
The installation of the GR NPS-1000 Insignis systems is made without added costs by Giussani Research, that for each system gives lifetime technical support and assistance.


NPS-1000 Insignis
NPS-1000 Insignis
NPS-1000 Insignis
NPS-1000 Insignis

NPS-1000 Insignis technical specifications


Floor standing, with adjustable bases of aluminum and steel




3 GR high excursion woofer Ø 10”, rubber surround,
7 mid-woofer Ø 6,5” Nomex cone,
1 planar low-midrange,
1 planar high-midrange,
1 soft-dome tweeter Ø 3/4″


Linkwitz-Riley/GR (electrolytic capacitors free)

Woofer loading

Acoustic Suspension


87 dB SPL standard listening conditions

Nominal Impedance

8 Ohm

Amplifier maximum suggested power

150÷1000 watt RMS (no clipping)




Nextel graphite, customization on demand


17 W x 94 H x 16 D in


286 lb

Suggested listening distance

>= 10 ft

Rear wall Min/Max distance

Min = 4 in / Max = according to listening environment acoustics