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Giussani-Research - GR woofers

GR woofers


In order to achieve maximum performance from his woofers, Giussani Research selected the best basis for the design philosophy of any GR system and then customize every transducer with exclusive improvements.


GR woofers has been developed on a very new basis.


I Woofer GR


A. Low profile of basket
The basket is fixed with as much as 8 screws and is equipped with a precise gasket to ensure perfect air-tightness.


B. Rubber surround
For maximum durability and quality, the woofer cones are fitted with rubber surrounds.


C. Best paper cone
The cone exponential profile and the selected paper construction get a great resonance control.


E. Soft roll spider
The flat soft roll spider supports the cone movement and allows for a very long cone travel. For maximum durability and a long lifetime, a carefully blended mix of cotton and Nomex has been chosen.


F. Aluminum voice coil
The 39 mm aluminum voice coil former ensures a very good heat dissipation of the voice coil during high power loads and reduces power compression. The high temperature wire stays in position even when temperature reaches 250C.


G. Undercut polepiece
The polepiece is undercut to allow for more cone travel without noise. The undercut also improves linearity, resulting in low distortion.


H. Vented cone
Having selected a not vented polepiece to reach the BxL maximum value, to permit the air to freely flow in and out at any movement the cone has many round holes under the dustcup,
The result of this is best ventilation and very low compression.


I. Extended backplate
The deeply extended backplate allows for more cone movement and Finite Element Magnetic optimization ensures that the magnet flux is used to maximum by controlling the shape of the steel.


J. Strontium ferrite magnet
The powerful Strontium ferrite magnet has been manufactured with high precision which results in narrow frequency response tolerances and low batch variation.


K. Low compression basket
The low compression design also incorporates venting below the spider to further enhance the openness of the sound.



Giussani Research improvements


C. Moving parts weight
To pecisely align the woofer working in the loading volume of any different GR model, the weight of each woofer’s moving parts is been determined and carefully calibrated in such a way to have the best frequency response and transient response.


D. Larger dustcap
The larger GR dustcap guarantees an even better control of vibration-modes of the cone.


H. Cone to moving coil connection
The connection between the cone and coil is reinforced to be able to withstand the very high powers applicable to systems, needed to reproduce without any oproblem the complete live music dynamics.