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Giussani-Research | Delta Butterfly One

Delta Butterfly One


Delta Butterfly One

Delta Butterfly One

Really Hi-End loudspeakers system of reduced dimensions, they are able to offer a true highly dynamic sound in every listening environment.
To facilitate their use in smaller rooms their emission has been optimized both for near rear wall installation and free space.
30° toeing in toward the listening position also facilitates Horizontal NPS© emission.


Among the exclusive Butterfly characteristics we can point out:


The proprietary Butterfly© anti-diffraction system.
The front and rear panels professional damping finish.
The exclusive Giussani Research DDELS© (Dual Driver Extended Loading System)
The internal division of the loading volume into two connected triangular sub-volumes Delta System©.



The cabinet totally resonance free, due to Delta System©, lead plates complete internal lining and damping finish.
The total exclusion of any added elements that might introduce a negative effect on acoustic performance (as, among others, a front grille).
The crossover network, electrolytic capacitor free.
The 24 kt gold plated input connectors that allow for both bi-wiring and bi-amping.


Delta Butterfly One
Delta Butterfly One
Delta Butterfly One

You can download the PDF (IT Version)

Delta Butterfly One Technical specifications


Stand or bookshelf (suggested height 31 in)




1 woofer Ø 8″ rubber surround,
1 mid-woofer Ø 8″ rubber surround,
1 planar tweeter push-pull neodymium


Linkwitz-Riley/GR (electrolytic capacitors free)

Woofer loading

DDELS© (Dual Driver Extended Loading System)


87 db SPL standard listening conditions

Nominal Impedance

4 Ohm

Amplifier maximum suggested power

50÷250 watt RMS (no clipping) bi-amping




Nextel graphite, customization on demand


9.5 W x 16 H x 13 D in


40 lb

Suggested listening distance

>= 5 ft

Rear wall Min/Max distance

Min = 0 in / Max = according to listening room acoustics