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Giussani-Research | Delta 4 R10

Delta 4 R10


Delta 4 R10

Delta 4 R10

The Delta 4 R10 loudspeakers system have a sensitivity of about 93 dB/2,83 V and a maximum power handling as high as 1.000 W/4 ohm. The transducers number 6 for each speaker. The hight is 65”. As for the other floor standing models of the Delta Series, into which they represent the flagship model, orienting to 30° towards the inside of the listening area can provide a perfect Horizontal NPS field also.
The Delta 4 R10 are 5 electric and 6 acoustic way systems whose two 12” woofers, equivalent to a unique 18” transducer, interface differently with the environment reaching a quite exceptional low frequencies analicity.
The mid-high section, to obtain greater uniformity between the different ways, is made using only isodynamic planar transducers. All the units use neodymium magnets in push-pull configuration, have membranes made with innovative hightech diaphragm material Kaladex ® and work in a closed loading back-volume to actuate a monopolar emission. In this way, while still offering their unique acoustic tails freedom, they emit in a similar way to the woofers, eliminating the ab origin problem that some hybrid electrostatic systems are suffering, having the woofer acting as a monopolar source and the mid-high section as a dipolar one.
In such systems sometimes it’s possibile to perceive a detachment between woofer and mid-high emission and suddenly the room placement becomes very critical.
With total monopolar radiation the versatility of installation possibilities increase very much, as the Delta systems have already clearly showed in hundreds of different environment conditions.
The sonic personality is very similar to that of a fully electrostatic system, but with the added advantage of being able to offer a very powerful and extended low-end.
As with every vertical GR loudspeakers system the vertical distribution of the height of every transducer with respect to the floor is completely defined as from the initial design. In this way the height of the acoustic scene and the auto-dimensioning effect of every sound source is not left to secondary unwanted design effects as in the majority of proposed line array systems.
One of the most important design targets was to obtain minimal distortion figures together with sound tail freedom coupled to high dynamic ability allowing very high quality Delta sonorization of very large and absorbent environments too. The Delta 4 R10 are floor standing systems whose original characteristics claim to offer a performance well superior to that of similar cost traditional systems (as in closed as reflex ones) even if with a largely higher cost. With a very linear and extended frequency response, the Delta 4 R10 (with their 93 dB of sensitivity and 1.000 watt of input power are capable of a very high dynamic capacity and the large surface of their bass section can reproduce live listening levels down to the lowest frequencies in exceptionallly large enviroments too.
The Delta 4 R10 are equipped with 24 kt gold plated connectors for bi-wiring and bi-amping and the crossover network doesn’t make use of electrolytic capacitors.


Delta 4 R10
Delta 4 R10

You can download the PDF (IT Version)

Delta 4 R10 technical specifications


Floor standing


5 electric – 6 acoustic


2 high excursion GR woofer Ø 12″ rubber surround,
2 planar low-midrange push-pull neodymium,
1 planar high-midrange push-pull neodymium,
1 planar tweeter push-pull neodymium


Linkwitz-Riley/GR (electrolytic capacitors free)

Woofer loading

Acoustic Suspension


93 db SPL standard listening conditions

Nominal Impedance

4 ohm

Amplifier maximum suggested power

150÷1000 watt RMS (no clipping) bi-amping




19 W x 65 H x 18 D in


93 lb

Suggested listening distance

>= 10 ft

Rear wall Min/Max distance

Min = 4 in / Max = according to listening room acoustics